5 Defining Women’s Characteristics in 2018

Independence: While many women define success as owning things, having money, getting that promotion (shout out to you though), buying a new car, etc., it doesn’t always have to do with money. Being independent is not relying on anyone else. In another blog, I mentioned that 79% of 18-34 year-olds still rely on their parents for financial assistance of some form or another. An independent women doesn’t need a new car, she needs one that she is paying for or already owns. She pays her own rent or mortgage (on time) and student loans, etc. She doesn’t rely on her parents for money, even if eating apples and peanuts butter everyday for lunch and cereal for dinner is what she lives on. If she needs a roommate, then get one. The point, obviously, is that an independent woman relies on herself financially. 

Another part of being an independent woman in today’s world is thinking for yourself. Don’t follow trends to the letter; develop your own style that works for you and your body type. The second part is not letting another person dictate your thoughts and beliefs. I’ve seen too many women who lose themselves in relationships and end up “sharing” the thoughts and beliefs of the man that they are dating, which changes with each man they’re with. Keep true to yourself. 

Sisterhood: What is sisterhood? It’s knowing that the girl next to you at the bar doesn’t want to be with the guy coming on too strong and giving her an out to be with your group. It’s not letting a sister walk alone in the dark (or sometimes in the light for that matter). It’s knowing that you have someone to count on, to confide in when you need too. With the #Metoo movement, sisterhood has become more important than ever. Sisterhood regards women coming together for the greater good and bonding. Unfortunately, women are bonding over traumatic events. It would be ideal if were bonding over something else, but I feel like this is a basis. Another basis is politics. Fox News just reported on twitter (10/17/2018, 11:31p) that more women polled since the reported sexual assault of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, are leaning towards voting Democrat in the midterm elections. Good, I say. I’ve been a Dem since I was a kid and I love seeing women come together in a way that lifts up our country and makes a real difference.

Sisterhood isn’t just about politics. It seems these days, there is a new movement among some men that should have women becoming even closer and more vigilant. The male supremacy groups that have formed in the US (unlike the Men’s Rights Activists Groups) believe women should be reduced to their inferior use for sex and that is their only use on this planet. This is a frightening realization that this many men believe this enough to organize about the subject. This makes sisterhood more important than ever.

Feminism: Whether it’s feminism in my own traditional view (about equality and choice) or Neo-Feminism (as I’ve branded it), women have built on the #Metoo movement and used it to move toward creating a new niche in society where male oppressors can be turned into feminists as well or using feminism to get a leg up on men in the workplace/politics, etc.

I don’t necessarily agree that we need to surpass men to “win” the fight of feminism. My belief about feminism, if you haven’t read my first blog post, is traditional in the sense that I believe that feminism is truly about equality and choice. Choice stands for whatever lies ahead. If a woman wants to break through a glass ceiling or if a woman wants to stay at home to raise her children, that is her choice.

Health: According to the CDC, 77.5% of women as a whole are in good or excellent health. This is something to be proud of since we have been working away from obesity, smoking, and other health issues. Women between ages 18-24 are especially at risk for binge drinking as well. This means we’re exercising more, eat better, and keeping a better watch on what we keep in the fridge. 

Do I do this? About 1/2 of the time. I’m out of shape, a couch potato with chronic illnesses to boot. If you don’t know about Crohn’s disease and all of the surprising issues it can cause in the body (extreme joint pain, vision and blindness in extreme cases, etc.), you should do some research if you’re a health provider or have a family member who suffers from this disease. I also have fibromyalgia. Before you go one telling me that you know someone who’s cousin who has that and they just do yoga and it helps the tremendously, know that everyone’s pain is different. Imagine having the flu times 4 or 5 every single day, body and joint pain, blinding headaches and migraines, feeling hot one minute and cold the next, unable to sleep because the pain is too great or waking up in the middle of the night because you can’t stand how stiff your body feels. It’s excruciating at times and, with the new war on opioids in America, I’m afraid to bring it up with my Dr. for fear that she might think that I am just drug seeking. It’s a whole other kind of hell on earth that comes with a myriad of medications.

Politics: With more and more women running for Senate, we now have women taking a stand against Donald Trump and prepping to run against him in the 2020 Presidential Election, which has been unheard of in the past. This is extremely motivating and inspiring for women across the country. With so many political issues facing our country-even aside from foreign affairs-we need someone who can identify with minority and vulnerable populations, such as the Latino population being separated from their children at the Mexican border. This is just one of many.

However, I have an unpopular view of a woman coming toe-to-toe with Donald Trump in 2020. I do not believe our country, unfortunately, is ready to elect a woman to President. Their are still many in the elderly population who might swing to the Democratic party if Trump’s behavior continues as such (derogatory tweets about women, gloating about his “accomplishments”, etc) who, I believe, will not vote for a women. I am basing this on my work with the elderly and their political views voiced to me about Obama. 



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