Pro-Life vs. Pro-Birth

Are you Pro-life, Pro-birth, or Pro-choice? What’s the difference, you ask? We’re going to talk about that right now.

Pro-life vs. Pro-birth can be summed up in one low-brow Family Guy episode ) where the wife (Lois) is asked to act as a surrogate for her old college friend. She agrees, against her husband’s (Peter’s) wishes, and is successful in conception, however, the couple is then killed in a car accident. Lois is then faced with the decision of family planning. Peter is supportive of abortion since he was against the surrogacy from the beginning, however, is convinced at the last minute by protesters that Pro-life is the way to go. During their later discussion, Lois asks Peter if he would go down to an orphanage and adopt a child. His answer is the summation of Pro-life vs. Pro-birth. He replies “…no, once they’re out of the vagina, they can go *&%$ themselves”. 

 In this picture, the fetus is fully formed for a reason. “Abortion is murder” is the only message that this pic wants you to take away, even though aborting a fetus at this stage is illegal. Abortion takes place before a fetus has brain activity, however, “Pro-life” believers want to push the agenda that all “abortion is murder” despite the fact that Roe vs. Wade has been in place for decades. Women who are supportive of this stance seem to forget the history of women before them who had to a) fight for women’s right’s period and b) women’s right’s to control their own bodies and health. This would actually be called a “Pro-birth” stance because, in my experience, most of these women are living the #momlife with children of their own bearing, not adopted children. If they are adopted children, they want babies. Babies who are pure and pliable for them to mold into the perfect children that they can adore.

Someone who is “Pro-life” is someone who fosters children in the Department of Child Services systems or who adopts those children in need. Someone who adopts that 9 year-old child that might spend the rest of their life jumping from foster home to foster home. Someone who is “broken” and has issues with trust and attachment because of their parental history. Pro-life is someone loves unconditionally and takes the abuse with the love in return. I hope this clears up that mix-up for everyone.

Onto “Pro-choice”. Pro-choice means that a women’s body is her own health matter to control, despite the stigma from society, the judgement, the protesters, the dirty looks, and the nasty names. Pro-choice is equal to “my body, my choice”, which is the exact opposite of the animation shown above. If this animation were correct, the fetus would barely be able to be seen.

My stance is Pro-choice with the encouragement of adoption of children out of the DCS system. One of my overall life goals is to living the “#momlife” via adopting older teens that might be close to aging out of the system so that they can get a leg up on post-secondary education, on-the-job training, trade school, etc. since there is such a lack of programs to assist these teens and the programs that exist. My stance might be controversial, but I support safe and accessible abortion over “back-alley abortions”, which still even happen because of the stigma and the protesters. 

The other point that I would like to bring up before concluding this entry is that Roe vs Wade is constantly challenged in every election, especially in Presidential elections. When someone uses the “Christian card” to win over votes, they are forced to face the abortion stance and they generally take a “Pro-life” stance to win people over. Unfortunately, this means that women’s rights are always at risk. Always. Planned Parenthood is a common target since they perform some, I said some, abortions. However, every time they cut funding for Planned Parenthood and they’re forced to close one, it’s generally one that doesn’t even perform abortions since those are so few. So this passes on the issue of closings to women with health issues who rely on these facilities for their low-cost care such as mammograms, annual pelvic examinations, etc. All women should be pro-choice to support each other’s choices of what to do with their own bodies, however, some, or most, believe that they need to push their beliefs onto others and that anyone with a different view is wrong. 



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